ASHAWAY Powernick 18 Squash Set


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Product Description

The Ashaway Powernick 18 is constructed from several high-tech fibers that are arranged in a unique matrix to provide optimum performance and durability, this string is for players who are looking to maximize the power in their game.

The multi-stranded central core of Zyex® filaments provides a firm feel, extra power and quick response.

The outer spiral braid provides a good gripping surface to enhance spins and slices. Zyex® fibers provide superior tension-holding properties compared to all other squash strings.

This string is recommended for all players who want to maximize power in their game.

The Zyex® fibers contribute excellent power, dynamic response and provide a strong string bed for ball control. The thinner gauge offers a superior bite on the ball for outstanding shot making.

Technical Specifications 

  • Gauge: 18g 
  • 10m Reel Off Cut


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